thank you for your concern, ankha.

thank you for your concern, ankha.

i can produce butterflies from my chest it makes the bug off super easy.

i’m in the middle of completely redoing my town.

it is challenging.

i think post three is best.

anyone else?

no thank you, colton. i do not want this.

no thank you, colton. i do not want this.

i streetpassed a guy with a super nice house recently! 

Hey! Remember I said I might give away Diana as a “thank you for not unfollowing while my laptop is dead” thing? Would you guys prefer for me to give away her or Julian, as he’s just moved into Iwatodai, heh.

Here is a question mark so i can turn on answers: ?


i always get him confused with lobo but i think i like wolfgang more. :)

Fauna <3 And ummm, Punchy!

I love Fauna hnn she’s so cute and I don’t usually like Normal villagers but she’s the best I’ve had since Molly, I think.

I’m not too fond of Punchy, though. Not sure why, just never really liked him.

What did you use to edit all those pictures into little squares? Thanks!

i have no idea when this was sent but umm probably picmonkey? sorry if i’m not helpful.